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Postdoctoral Research Symposium 2017

Department of Psychology

Postdoctoral Research Symposium 2017

Department of Psychology, University of Bologna

Aula Magna, Viale Berti Pichat 5 Bologna

November 24th 2017 (14:00 - 16:15)


Welcome. Vincenzo Natale, Head of the Department

Introduction. Alessandra Sansavini, Research Committee Coordinator
Postdoctoral Fellows co-funded by the Department and the tutor (2016-2017)

Flavia Albarello, PhD.
I and US: A longitudinal study on the interplay of personal and social identity in adolescence
Tutor: Elisabetta Crocetti

Sara Borgomaneri, PhD.
TMS modulation of associative plasticity in temporo-occipital pathway enchances visual perception of emotions
Tutor: Alessio Avenanti

Giulia Casu, PhD
Social support, coping strategies, and infertility-related stress: A dyadic study
Tutor: Paola Gremigni

Elisa Gambetti, PhD.
The psychological assessment of parents involved in proceedings about their parental rights
Tutor: Fiorella Giusberti

Sara Gostoli, PhD.
Evaluation of medical and psychological differences between depressed participants and nonparticipants in
TREATED-ACS Study and the role of allostatic overload as a risk factor for survival
Tutor: Chiara Rafanelli

Francesca Prati, PhD.
The primary role of morality on judgments of humanness and unselfish behaviors
Tutor: Monica Rubini

Lorenzo Tonetti, PhD.
Breakdown of circadian activity rhythm in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder through
functional linear modeling
Tutor: Vincenzo Natale

Mariagrazia Zuccarini, PhD.
Object exploration in extremely preterm and full term infants and its impact on cognitive and language development
Tutor: Alessandra Sansavini

Post-doctoral fellows who cannot be present, but will send the presentation to the Research Committee

Erica Neri, PhD.
Prematurity, parental symptomatology and couple relationship in the first six months after
Tutor: Fiorella Monti

Chiara Cifatte, PhD.
Analysis of youth active citizenship in policies and school contexts.
Tutor: Bruna Zani

Tutors of the Postdoctoral Fellows are Professors at the Department of Psychology