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Research Group on Psychosocial Interventions in aging and DEMentias

Head: Rabih Chattat

SSD of the Research Group: M-PSI-08


Prof. Rabih Chattat, Associate Professor


  • Alessia Tessari. Associate Professor of General Psychology
  • Giovanni Ottoboni, PhD, Postdoc
  • Ilaria Chirico PhD, Postdoc

Main research topics documented by publications 2015-2017

  • Implementation and adaptation of the Meeting Center Support Program in Europe (JPND)
  • Shared decision-making for people with dementia in residential facilities (IMPACT-FP7)
  • Advance care planning for elderly people in residential facilities (Bologna Savings Bank)
  • Implementation of physical activity programs for elderly people (AAL)
  • Modification of attitutes towards disability (Emilian Paralympic Regional Committee)

Main selected publications of the research group indexed in international data bases (Scopus/WOS) 2015-2017

    1. Brooker D, Evans S, Evans S, Bray J, Saibene FL, Scorolli C, Szcześniak D, d'Arma A, Urbańska KM, Atkinson T, Farina E, Rymaszewska J, Chattat R, Henderson C, Rehill A, Hendriks I, Meiland F, Dröes RM Evaluation of the implementation of the Meeting Centres Support Program in Italy, Poland, and the UK; exploration of the effects on people with dementia..Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2018 Mar 7. doi: 10.1002/gps.4865.
    2. Ottoboni, G., Milani, M., Setti, A., Ceciliani, A., Chattat, R., & Tessari, A. (2017). An observational study on sport-induced modulation of negative attitude towards disability. PLOS ONE, 12(11), e0187043.
    3. Mariani, E., Chattat, R., Ottoboni, G., Koopmans, R., Vernooij-Dassen, M., & Engels, Y. (2018). The Impact of a Shared Decision-Making Training Program on Dementia Care Planning in Long-Term Care. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, 64(4), 1123–1135.
    4. Ottoboni, G., Chattat, R., Camedda, C., Galletti, M., Macripò, S., Mariani, E., & Ingravallo, F. (2019). Nursing home staff members’ knowledge, experience and attitudes regarding advance care planning: a cross-sectional study involving 12 Italian nursing homes. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research.
    5. Ottoboni, G., Gallelli, T., Mariani, E., Soluri, V. R., Nunziata, S., Tessari, A. Chattat, R. (2018). Remote home physical training for seniors: guidelines from the AAL-supported MOTION project. European Journal of Ageing, 1–13.
    6. Van Mierlo LD, Chattat R, Evans S, Brooker D, Saibene FL, Gamberini G, Farina E, Scorolli C, Szcześniak D, Urbańska KM, Rymaszewska J, Dröes RM, Meiland FJM. Facilitators and barriers to adaptive implementation of the Meeting Centers Support Program (MCSP) in three European countries; the process evaluation within the MEETINGDEM study. Int Psychogeriatr. 2017 Nov 17:1-11. doi: 10.1017/S1041610217001922.

    Funding 2015-2017

    • 2018-2021: Project Erasmus+ KA2 SiDeCar;
    • 2014-2017: Project AAL Motion;
    • 2013-2017: Project JPND MeetingDem;
    • 2011-2015: Project 7FP IMPACT;
    • 2014-2016: Project Tempus EADHE

    National and International scientific collaborations 2015-17

    • DEMCAREGIVER project in collaboration with the Superior Institute of Sanity;
    • Ongoing collaborations with the Interdem Network and Alzheimer Europe

    Membership of scientific academies or executive committees of scientific associations 2015-2017

    Board member of Interdem


      Rabih Chattat

      Associate Professor

      Dipartimento di Psicologia - PSI

      Viale Berti Pichat 5

      Bologna (BO)

      tel: +39 051 20 9 1820